What is this show doing to me??

I'm currently drawing this:

Tomorrow I'll be making a pound cake and some friend rice.

I'm actually considering learning to sew...  

I wrote a fanfic that nobody will never ever read because NO.

Congratulations Tiger & Bunny: You have successfully turned me into a girl.
Katamari cooking


I feel a little empty now that Tiger and Buny ended...

No teen leads, not superfluous action sequences, no power leveling... pure human drama and the best written characters ever.
Overall, one of the most endearing and nostalgic anime series I've ever watched.



How is everyone doing? 

It has been a long time since the last time I've posted here D= mostly because of technical issues with Livejournal :S And there was a time when I just didn't feel like posting anything. However, I've been reading your post regularly, but every time I wanted to write a reply I just didn't find the words to express myself.

I've been busy with school mostly, but I had a long vacation so I could spend a long time just drawing and doing stuff that I like.

Talking about fandom, I haven't listened BUCK-TICK in a long time, but the last DVD was fairly good, at least most of it (it was really notorious when they liked and when disliked a song, so their performance was somewhat unsteady)

And I've been watching a new anime series, maybe you have heard about it.

Tiger & Bunny has taken over my life completely D= I haven't been so emotionally invested with fictional characters in, well, NEVER *laughs* I don't regret it, tough.


Now I have a Tumblr, so if someone wants to pay a visit sometime, here is the link:

Mostly my fanarts, funny gifs and T&B stuff 

Well, that's it for today, I expect to write more frequently from now on...